Dear Visitor

Welcome to my local Real Estate page, where I advertise local West Coast properties for sale at 0% Commission!!! NO…its not a typing error.


I live in Velddrif (a small coastal village about 130km North of Cape Town). Being a local that is mainly involved in Heavy Industry Engineering, I do not have to rely on income from trading in property sales. Thus I am able to offer you an unbiased and honest service.

I advertise your property on various other mediums that you as visitor do not normally have access to. I also have a list of buyers that contact me directly. Since I am a local and know the right people/real estate agents, I then connect, you the seller, to the person/real estate agent/broker, i feel comfortable with and who will give you the best service.

There is absolutely no need to have a bunch of unknown people flooding your house at inconvenient times, or have your sidewalk planted with tens of “For Sale” signs.

Give me the opportunity to introduce you to real professionals that will provide you with a service that will leave you smiling all the way.

This pertains to Property Seekers as well. Looking for that hidden spot far-away from everyone and all the noise? Or that break-away home next to the sea?

Contact me today by email to and I will reply as quickly as possible. (That is also the only time I give out my phone number)

Kindest Regards

Pieter van Zyl

Velddrif LOCAL